94 Points

Fragrant and aromatic release of minimal intervention wines from Eden Valley.

Quincy J – Gewurtztraminer – Riesling

Pronounced aromas of fresh lychee, musk, preserved lemon, golden delicious apples, apricot.
Supple, lush and juicy wine. Weighty mouthful and masterful blending. The acidity of the Riesling really getting in there and lifting the heady Gewurtztraminer.
Palate awash with dried apricots, candied ginger, rosewater and lime zest. Kaleidoscopic wine.

Lemon Krush – Chardonnay – Semillon

The best skinsy wines are reminiscent of a damn good cordial on a hot day. This is it. It boasts all the variety true aromas of Semillon, cut grass, herbal nettle, lemon butter.
Refreshing Eden Valley Chard tropical fruits, grapefruit, yellow nectarines, fresh pineapple with a smart lemon juice spritz. Smells like warm Spring breeze.

Fre-Quency – Riesling

Minimal intervention Rieslings can proclaim intense purity, allowing room for showcasing subtle nuances of fruit. White blossom, aniseed, ripe lime, lavender, thyme, cardamom, musk.
Layered drinking with Meyer lemons and lime pith, subtle talc renewing the back palate makes for a wine that is by all accounts not one dimensional.


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